Introducing Seniors to Ridesharing Apps

Nothing feels more like losing independence than losing mobility. Unfortunately, limited mobility is all too common in the senior community.


For those individuals who no longer drive, it’s a difficult and often frustrating experience accomplishing daily tasks and errands without easy access to a car.  Seniors who don’t drive are in a difficult situation of finding rides to places they frequent regularly, such as the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or the mall. Not to mention trips that are simply for pleasure, a trip to an arboretum or museum!


Losing mobility can be dangerous for seniors. It can lead to reduced medical visits as well social isolation. Support is necessary. But even if support of available, seniors often don’t want to be a burden to family and community. They tend to avoid asking for rides when they really do need them. This is why introducing seniors to ridesharing apps goes a long way. 


Fortunately, seniors are now partaking in the benefits of ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft. These apps allow users to request private drivers to pick them up at a designated location. These methods of transportation have sky-rocketed to billion dollar industries.


Tips for Introducing Seniors to Ridesharing Apps

  • New technology can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially for seniors. Have a younger family member walk them through the process, explaining how to use the Uber app. And accompany them on their first Uber ride.
  • Visit the app store on your phone and download a ridesharing app, such as the Uber app.
  • Explain how to create an account, input credit card information, enter information such as name and phone number, and use promo codes.
  • Once the account is set up, you can request a ride.
    • When logged in, you can enter desired destination.
    • Explain the different types of vehicles you can request.
    • Select how many seats you need and explain pricing.
    • Uber uses the phone’s location to pinpoint pick up location. You can confirm pickup or drag pinpoint to another location that may be easier for pick up.
    • The app will give an estimated time of arrival and the phone number of driver if they need to be contacted.
  • Uber also offers special features for seniors or those in need of extra assistance under UberASSIST. These are special vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
    • Open the Uber app
    • Slide the button to the ‘ACCESS’ option at the bottom of the screen
    • Tap the ASSIST button
    • Set your location and request

It may take some convincing or multiple times or trial runs but seniors do get the hang of ridesharing apps. Introducing seniors to ridesharing apps is well worth the time and effort. They’ll have the ability to request rides on their own whenever they want, increasing their independence.


For more information on senior care contact 1776 Senior Care in Glen Ellyn.

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