5 Big Technologies Improving Senior Care

Although seniors may not have grown up with certain technologies (like their grandkids) or adopted it later in life (like their children), there are nonetheless technologies improving senior care all the time for a better overall experience. Not only that, technology has made it easier for family members to stay connected and for caregivers like ours at 1776 Senior Care to deliver exceptional and personalized care.

Mobile Phone Apps 

Though they’ve become almost second nature to many of us, mobile phone applications, or “apps,” can help seniors and their caregivers in a number of ways. In their simplest form, apps can help keep seniors occupied and entertained, particularly when mobility has decreased.

Apps can also be used for seniors to track medications, heart rate and other important stats. Meanwhile, family members and caregivers can also use apps to track key vitals as well as things like activity and location. This can also all be transmitted to the senior’s doctors to see how they’re being impacted by medication or minor illness, for example.

Medical Alert Monitoring

Medical alert monitoring has been around since the 1970s, but with new improvements, it can be even more valuable than ever. Because a large number of seniors live at home on their own, this technology offers peace of mind, should an accident or emergency occur.

Using medical alert monitoring, seniors wear a bracelet or necklace at all times, which alerts emergency response system, should the senior be in need of emergency assistance. Basic alert monitors require simply the push of a button to call for immediate help. High-end monitors now come with features such as GPS tracking, pulse detection and real-time smartphone and tablet notifications, keeping family members in the loop as well.

Digital Pill Dispensers

Almost any senior will tell you, one thing that will certainly increase as you age is the number of medications. We’ve all seen the plastic bins to track daily medications, but these don’t do much to ensure the right pills are taken at the right time and can’t do much for multiple daily dosages – or human memory.

Digital pill dispensers work by either locking/unlocking or providing audio or visual alerts when it’s time to take a medication. Using a web-based application, the senior or a loved one sets the schedule for their medications and the dispenser handles (nearly) all the rest.

The Online Family Room

1776 Senior Care’s Online Family Room gives family members updates on their loved one, as if they’re in the next room. From medications to activities, this portal allows you to login and interact with your family member’s caregivers – whether just down the street or several states away. You can post comments or send a message directly to specific staff members.

You can also access your loved one’s care logs to see exactly what happened each day, with details from the caregiver’s shift or check out the calendar to see what your family member’s caregiver has scheduled and what is planned for the upcoming days and even weeks. You can also use this to plan your own family events and activities.

You can also take care of administrative items, send a to-do request to your family member’s caregiver and even see what medications are taken at what times of day.

Electronic Nostalgia

While the 1776 Senior Care team uses iPads on the job for a number of reasons, one of their favorite uses has nothing to do with charts or updates. The caregivers love to pull up classic movies and television shows for the seniors in their care, while in the home with them. Although simple, it provides comfort and entertainment for seniors and offers a bonding opportunity with the caregiver over old favorites.

There are a number of ways the 1776 care team works to make aging easier, both for seniors and for their family members. To learn more, call 1776 Senior Care to schedule an In-Home Assessment at 630.469.4515.

For more information on senior care contact 1776 Senior Care in Glen Ellyn.

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