Where Should You Move Your Aging Parent?

Is it time for assisted living or independent living?

Picture it. Your parent is advancing in years and you’re thinking, “I’d like to move them to a facility where I know they’ll be cared for. This is going to be great for them, great for my peace of mind and it’s a win-win all around.” Looking at their occupancy rates, the facility you’re putting them into is all-too-happy to take care of your parent. You move Mom or Dad into the facility and all is right with the world. You feel like a hero who has saved the day.

Then, a month later, you get a phone call. It’s the facility you moved your parent into.


“You need to bring on a caregiver for your parent because we can provide some level of care but we didn’t promise you 24/7 care.”

Here’s the biggest problem of all: You just held an estate sale and sold the family home. Or you’ve sold many of your parent’s possessions.

A better alternative would be to move Mom or Dad into a residential facility that can, over time, switch your family from private payment to Medicaid. Is a senior retirement home the very best option for your parent, though? It can be but it’s not necessarily for everyone.

Go Beyond The Brochure

Consider the senior retirement home’s pitch: Amenities. They have a swimming pool. A pool table. A playground in front for the grandkids to come and play. And more.

That sounds terrific, but while features are one thing, a personal connection is quite another. How do you do discover that for yourself? Well, it’s always great if your parent already has a friend within the facility you can ask and they can give you the most genuine insight. However, let’s assume that they don’t know anyone. Then what?

A couple of options: First, consider attending an event at the facility, such as an Open House. While there, you may discreetly ask some of the existing seniors or family members that attend about the facility. You may also want to do a few “drop in” visits at different times of day or night within reason so that you can view the facility in every possible light, from its quietest times to its absolute busiest.


What If The Best Option…Is Closer Than You Think?

There’s a whole lot to like and you’re feeling great about moving them right in – but there is one key question to ask yourself:

Is someone in this facility going to ensure my parent has a highly social, spiritual, physical and emotional quality of life all the time?

Maybe, maybe not. If your parent is in a facility where they still need a caregiver, why not explore the option of them staying in their own home with a caregiver? This way, they can have their own schedule, their own food, their own routine, etc. If they’re going to need a caregiver either way, wouldn’t it be better that they be in the comfort of their own home with that caregiver?

From our perspective at 1776 Senior Care, we truly believe that unless you can be absolutely certain that your parent will receive a high quality of care – beyond physical care – to include elements of their social well-being, then many times a senior do better in their own home.

Think about it: When your Mom or Dad is home, do they have someone to be present with them throughout the day or are they going to be by themselves? If it’s by themselves, it’s an opportunity to talk to a senior care organization like 1776 that can provide the essential elements of care they desperately need to live life on their terms.

In so many cases, we find a son or daughter of a senior is coming in from out of town, trying to figure out literally what the next move is and if it’s in their parent’s best interests. The pressure is enormous. Should they right-size the house? Downsize the house? Move Mom or Dad to a facility?


Above all, it’s really about helping Mom or Dad stay right where they are. If they’ve been in a skilled nursing facility and are about to be sent home, you could research countless options to move them to but why not make it easier on yourself – and them – by having a 1776 caregiver on hand right in their own home?

Obviously it can be excellent peace of mind to have one of our caregivers on hand when a disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s advances, causing a safety risk when a senior has to get up at night to go to the bathroom. Or if they are in a stage where dementia causes them to wander. However, so many seniors have needs far beyond the physical care aspect that a facility may or may not be able to sufficiently address. They want an independent way of life and want the dignity to be able to make many of their own decisions – they need the assistance of a caregiver who is committed to helping them do just that.

That’s what our team at 1776 Senior Care was designed to do. We can give your parent a life with fewer limitations and more freedom while remaining in their home. For our clients, that’s not just an alternative option. Upon a closer look, you may very well discover it’s the best option of all. To learn if our approach is a fit for your parent’s needs, schedule an In-Home Assessment with 1776 Senior Care today at 630.469.4515.

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