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What Makes 1776 Senior Care So Different?
For Us, Physical Care Is Just The Beginning.

If you’re going to have a caregiver in your Mom or Dad’s life who truly feels just like family, is it enough to provide them a person who handles all of the necessities to help them cook, clean, dress, bathe, groom themselves and run errands?

Frankly, no.

All of that helps your Mom or Dad function.
It doesn’t help them live.

That’s why 1776 Senior Care delivers a standard of care that is more all-encompassing and at the highest level through four areas: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual. We call it 360 Degrees Of Care and it’s the biggest difference in 1776 Senior Care’s approach from so many other organizations. Because we believe that when the senior is able to be emotionally stimulated in these four areas, they will live richer, happier and more fulfilling lives according to what they prefer whenever possible rather than what is solely programmed for them.

To ensure every caregiver is living up to this promise, we have a structure at 1776 in which regular quality care audits are conducted on all our caregivers by Care Managers.

No matter the mix of services you choose for us to provide, helping your parent experience the joy they deserve through 360 Degrees of Care will always be part of our relationship with them and, in turn, how we will enjoy a highly fulfilling relationship with you.