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When You’re Among The Top 1% Caregivers,
It’s Not Just About Being There.

Only about 1% of all those caregivers we interview become 1776 Caregivers.

So while we’re exceptionally warm in a lot of other areas, our interview process is tough – which our clients very much appreciate.

After all, to be a part of the 1776 team and deliver senior care that meets or exceeds all industry standards, it takes a special kind of person who is committed to developing a true friendship with your parent so that they feel just like family.

That’s why all of our caregivers at 1776 are based in DuPage County, which helps you rest easy knowing your loved one’s caregiver is always close by, 24/7. In fact, fantastic proximity to your parent is only the beginning and it’s not just about maintaining a high quality of care in doing so. It’s about the importance of social wellness too.

Since our caregivers grew up here, they bring knowledge of all the local programs and places to go to enrich the social aspect of your loved one’s life, based on what they love to do most. Having that knowledge built-in with every caregiver we have makes for a big difference from someone who just works here. Real interaction outside of the living space matters. And we intend to make sure that’s always a regular element of your parent’s life.

For quality assurance purposes, we perform:

  • Reference checks, background checks, drug tests and license / certification verification
  • Regular quality audits on all caregivers by Care Managers
  • Ongoing caregiver training
  • Instant Care Alerts to notify management if a caregiver doesn’t report in
  • Payroll reporting and compliance paperwork 100% handled by 1776 Senior Care