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Updates Like You’re In The Next Room.
1776 Has The Technology To Take You There.

We get it. Even with the highest quality of care in place for your parent, you still want to be kept in the loop on their daily lives and, when you need to, be able to communicate with the right people supporting their care with ease. That’s true whether you’re right down the street or a few states away.

Fortunately, 1776 Senior Care has just the tool to deliver the peace of mind you need: Our Online Family Room. Take a closer look at how this remarkable care portal works to bring you, your parent and the 1776 Senior Care team closer together every time you log in.

Family Room Tab

Log in and you’ve got an instant feed of all the information in the Online Family Room. Post a comment or direct it to a specific staff member from this section. It’s all here at a glance.

Care Logs Tab

You don’t have to wonder how their day was when you can view the Care Logs for yourself, including notes from your parent’s caregiver on tasks and events during their shift. Just click on a shift and you’ll see what happened at the point of care in real time as well as whether or not a task was completed.

Calendar Tab

Get a view of the week to see when your parent’s 1776 Caregiver is scheduled. Or add an event right from this section to privately coordinate an event between yourself and other family members such as a birthday or group visit.

To Do Tab

If it’s on your mind, make sure it’s on ours too with a To Do request. Simply access this area to add a task and due date. If you like, you can assign the task to a particular individual such as your 1776 Caregiver.

You Can Also View:

  • All paid and outstanding invoices
  • A list of medications taken, the amount and the time of day
  • Contact information for people with permission to access your Online Family Room, including emails and phone numbers.

It’s good to have so many answers easily from one place. Welcome to transparent communication in real time with 1776 Senior Care. We wouldn’t have it any other way.