Clinical Trials for Seniors 101

Clinical trials are observations and studies performed to determine whether certain treatments are effective for specific groups of human individuals. They are required for FDA approved drugs and treatments, hence they constantly need participants.    These research studies test new medical devices, drugs, dietary supplements, etc...  The aim is to include individuals from a variety [...]

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Seniors in Depression: Detecting and Relieving the Symptoms

Depression is all too common in the senior community. And sadly only 10% of the 6 million suffering from depression receive treatment.   Depression is more difficult to detect in older adults versus younger adults. The disorder can be confused for the effects of other illnesses and medications. The illness can also affect the elderly [...]

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How to Save Money in Retirement

Whether you’re planning on retiring completely or reducing your workload as you age, it means a decrease in cash flow. Retirement budgeting is a necessary component of finances as you plan the later years of your life. Some costs such work-clothes and commute decrease and others costs increase, such as insurance and medical needs.   [...]

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Supporting Seniors During the Holidays

Caring for the elderly in the community is an natural inclination for many. But demanding schedules leave little time to help out seniors in need. Why not use Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation times for supporting seniors during the holidays?   During these holiday times, where cold loneliness often replaces warm cheer, isolation can be debilitating. [...]

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Talking with Children about Alzheimer’s Disease

Kids are diligent observers of change. They notice when something is out of the ordinary with their loved ones or in their environment. And noticing changes with their grandparents is no exception.   Alzheimer’s disease is one such disease that results in dramatic changes in the brain. When a child notices changes in their grandma [...]

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Introducing Seniors to Ridesharing Apps

Nothing feels more like losing independence than losing mobility. Unfortunately, limited mobility is all too common in the senior community.   For those individuals who no longer drive, it’s a difficult and often frustrating experience accomplishing daily tasks and errands without easy access to a car.  Seniors who don’t drive are in a difficult situation [...]

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The Intensive Care Unit: Helping a Loved One Through the ICU Stress

When a loved one is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, it’s difficult to know what exactly to do or how to help. The chaotic environment leads to a more passive disposition where family members are swept up in the hustle, rather than asking the right questions and understanding the treatment options fully. The goal [...]

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Fostering Joy in Caregiving

The daily life of caregiving quickly turns wearisome and repetitive if the routines never expand beyond the necessities. Both caregiver and senior benefit from venturing outside normal meals, hygiene, chores, bills, etc... Cultivating a joyful environment in the home of a senior will increase joy in caregiving, alleviate stress and anxiety, and boost good attitudes [...]

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Holding a Family Meeting to Discuss Senior Care Issues

Communication is the first step on the road to senior care. Countless issues accumulate stress and develop difficulties due to lack of communication within a family. Whether it’s family members not making good care decisions or other members simply not contributing to care, issues will arise.  A wise first step is to hold a family [...]

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Coping with Chronic Illness

According to the National Council on Aging, nearly 92 percent of seniors have at least one chronic condition and up to 77 percent have two. Seventy-five percent of our nation’s healthcare budget is spent on chronic diseases. Diabetes affects 22 percent of the older population, while 90 percent are at risk for high blood pressure. [...]

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