How 1776 And Hospice Becomes A Complete Caregiving Team

In the last few months, we were watching one of our seniors decline with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Her anxiety levels were increasing and she was having hallucinations. If a new caregiver had been brought in to care for her for any reason, it might’ve triggered even more negative responses and increased her anxiety [...]

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When Hospice Is Called In, What Does It Mean From Here?

When you hear the word “hospice,” you may think that your loved one’s death is imminent within the next week or so. As our case managers at 1776 Senior Care will tell you, that’s not necessarily the case. Inevitably as we near the final phase of our caregiving journey with a particular client, we [...]

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Helping Seniors Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, seniors across the nations fall prey to ever innovative scam artists. These scams take advantage of some of the more unsuspecting individuals. They target seniors who often have a bigger savings account and aren't always as skeptical of offers.     It’s important for seniors to be aware of these scams and for caregivers to [...]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Support and Pain Relief

1.5 million individuals suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis in the the U.S.   RA is an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system, which is meant to protect your body, attacks healthy cells in your body. RA occurs when the immune system attacks your joints, thickening the tissue lining the joints. This creates inflammation, pain, and swelling. [...]

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Clinical Trials for Seniors 101

Clinical trials are observations and studies performed to determine whether certain treatments are effective for specific groups of human individuals. They are required for FDA approved drugs and treatments, hence they constantly need participants.    These research studies test new medical devices, drugs, dietary supplements, etc...  The aim is to include individuals from a variety [...]

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Seniors in Depression: Detecting and Relieving the Symptoms

Depression is all too common in the senior community. And sadly only 10% of the 6 million suffering from depression receive treatment.   Depression is more difficult to detect in older adults versus younger adults. The disorder can be confused for the effects of other illnesses and medications. The illness can also affect the elderly [...]

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How to Save Money in Retirement

Whether you’re planning on retiring completely or reducing your workload as you age, it means a decrease in cash flow. Retirement budgeting is a necessary component of finances as you plan the later years of your life. Some costs such work-clothes and commute decrease and others costs increase, such as insurance and medical needs.   [...]

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Supporting Seniors During the Holidays

Caring for the elderly in the community is an natural inclination for many. But demanding schedules leave little time to help out seniors in need. Why not use Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation times for supporting seniors during the holidays?   During these holiday times, where cold loneliness often replaces warm cheer, isolation can be debilitating. [...]

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Talking with Children about Alzheimer’s Disease

Kids are diligent observers of change. They notice when something is out of the ordinary with their loved ones or in their environment. And noticing changes with their grandparents is no exception.   Alzheimer’s disease is one such disease that results in dramatic changes in the brain. When a child notices changes in their grandma [...]

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Introducing Seniors to Ridesharing Apps

Nothing feels more like losing independence than losing mobility. Unfortunately, limited mobility is all too common in the senior community.   For those individuals who no longer drive, it’s a difficult and often frustrating experience accomplishing daily tasks and errands without easy access to a car.  Seniors who don’t drive are in a difficult situation [...]

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