What is Senior Co-Housing and is it an Option for You?

A new trend is emerging in senior housing and gaining in popularity. Co-housing is a relatively new concept in the United States, with increasing popularity amongst aging adults who seek to live in a community with enhanced social interaction with others. In these unique communities, baby boomers and older adults share the property, living [...]

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6 Crucial Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer means more time outdoors and in the sun. While this is often an enjoyable time with friends, family and activities, the heat and sun can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken – particularly for seniors. Every day, your body works to maintain its normal temperature, but excessive heat pushes the body to work [...]

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The Rising Cost of Caregiving

The cost of caregiving for an aging senior is increasing each year – and with an aging population that’s now living longer, many are unprepared for the cost. Of seniors aged 65 and older, 70% will eventually need long-term care in some form. The question then becomes, “how will this care be paid for?” [...]

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20 Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility Before Moving an Aging Parent

Making the decision to move a parent to an assisted living facility is not an easy one and can often be filled with anxiety and doubt. Even if everyone has determined it’s the best situation, ensuring you find the right fit for a loved one, while simultaneously making all the changes that go along [...]

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Where Should You Move Your Aging Parent?

Is it time for assisted living or independent living? Picture it. Your parent is advancing in years and you’re thinking, “I’d like to move them to a facility where I know they’ll be cared for. This is going to be great for them, great for my peace of mind and it’s a win-win all [...]

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5 Big Technologies Improving Senior Care

Although seniors may not have grown up with certain technologies (like their grandkids) or adopted it later in life (like their children), there are nonetheless technologies improving senior care all the time for a better overall experience. Not only that, technology has made it easier for family members to stay connected and for caregivers [...]

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The Best Way To Transition A Senior Back Home From Hospital Care

Your aging parent is about to be discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility where they’ve been rehabilitating for a few weeks in preparation of returning home. However, when you're about to transition a senior back home, is everything with that senior in the clear prior to being discharged? Truthfully, the answer [...]

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How 1776 And Hospice Becomes A Complete Caregiving Team

In the last few months, we were watching one of our seniors decline with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Her anxiety levels were increasing and she was having hallucinations. If a new caregiver had been brought in to care for her for any reason, it might’ve triggered even more negative responses and increased her anxiety [...]

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When Hospice Is Called In, What Does It Mean From Here?

When you hear the word “hospice,” you may think that your loved one’s death is imminent within the next week or so. As our case managers at 1776 Senior Care will tell you, that’s not necessarily the case. Inevitably as we near the final phase of our caregiving journey with a particular client, we [...]

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Helping Seniors Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, seniors across the nations fall prey to ever innovative scam artists. These scams take advantage of some of the more unsuspecting individuals. They target seniors who often have a bigger savings account and aren't always as skeptical of offers.     It’s important for seniors to be aware of these scams and for caregivers to [...]

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